Dyson DC47I Cylinder Twin Cyclone Cleaner New Model


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  • Manufacturer Guarantee5 years
  • EAN5025155015070


Product Details
Dyson’s innovative ball technology allows for easy control
Impressive suction through 2 separate airflow channels
Comes with low profile Dual channel floor tool
With the latest Ball™ technology, the Dyson DC47 Multifloor turns on the spot. Compact and light to pull along, it has a central steering mechanism for more accurate steering, making tighter turning circles to follow you more easily.

A low centre of gravity makes the Dyson DC47 Multifloor easy to control and the ball has a smooth surface with low friction bearings. When combined with the low profile Dual channel floor tool that allows easy access under furniture, it is easy to use and extremely effective across different floor surfaces. It’s also light to carry at around 4kg.

Impressive suction is directed through 2 separate airflow channels while the 2 active edges of the channels open and flick the carpet pile twice in one pass, agitating and removing dirt from deep within the carpet.

5 years guarantee.