We have a delivery fleet that we manage ourselves and also use selected partners to deliver for us. We strive to arrange delivery within 24/48 hours of order and will email or phone you to discuss your delivery. If you need express delivery please let us know, we wll allways endevour to get your goods to you as quickly as possible but need to know if you want our expresso. We will try to speed your delivery up and will only make a small charge and then you can start enjoying the benifits of your purchase sooner.

If we are out of stock then please don't dispare, we may normally operate a direct delivery service on that product which may be despatched direct from the manufacture, we have clearly marked these products for you but if you are unsure and its vital that your delivery is as quick as possible then please talk it through with us. If its possible we will get your purchase with you at the time you request but we will allways talk it through with you if we hit any unforseen problems.

If a direct delivery is out of stock with us please still order the item and we will then email you the details of the direct delivery.

We have our stock availibility shown on the site but we cannot have everything in stock so when we are out of stock or even the manufacuturer is out of stock we will contact you to talk it through. If its too long then we will offer an upgraded alternative which you may or may not wish to take? Either way if we can't get you what you want we will offer you a refund without any quibble and hope you try us again in future.

How much is delivery?


For local postcodes near to our stores within 30 miles of CA14 2TQ or promotional items displayed on our site except small items.


All Small Items, ie Kettles, Toasters and Irons


More than 30 Miles from CA14 2TQ

All items except American Fr/frz's and Range Cookers


More than 30 Miles from CA14 2TQ

American Fridge Freezers and Range Cookers


*No deliveries to the following areas; Scottish Highlands and Islands, N.Ireland, Ireland, Channel Isles, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man.

We do operate a different delivery policy within our showrooms but you must purchase the products within our showrooms, all terms and conditions will be explained at the time of sale.

I am sure that you can imagine these items are big, heavy things to lift, so there will be certain occasions when they may be unable to get it into your property. Lots of steps, narrow corridors, radiators and restricted parking are all things that may hinder their ability to deliver. In these situations they may be able to offer delivery to the nearest point possible i.e your garage, so you can make arrangements to get the appliance in? If you can pre warn us and predict any problems then this may save a difficult situation becomming even more difficult. We want to deliver to you and you want the goods, please make us aware of possible problems. If you are not available to receive your goods, there will be a redelivery charge. Unsuccessful deliveries will be charged the return delivery fee to our warehouse.

Delivery will constitute placing your appliance in the room of your choice(please read the above as we may need to delivery to the nearest point),  the removal of the packaging and inspection of the appliance for any damage. We will then require your signature for acceptance of the appliance. If you have chosen for it to be installed then we will install your appliance as requested, charges apply.

We could tell you a few funny stories about deliveries but lets wait until you get to know us. We do try to go that extra mile to make sure you get your goods delivered.

Do you connect the appliances?

Yes we do. You can request that our delivery team connect your appliance for you. This must be done at the point of order and a charge will be made for each item.

We do operate a different connection policy within our retail stores but you must purchase your products within our stores and all terms and conditions will be explained to you at the time of sale. This includes built in installation along with electric and gas installations, unfortunatly this is only available if purchased within our stores.

Depending on your appliance type, we offer two levels of service -



Fridge Freezers

Washing Machines


Washer Dryers


American Fridge Freezer

Tumble Dryers

Standard Dishwashers

Spin Dryers




Larder Fridges


Wine Coolers


Connection can be carried out to an existing standard domestic appliance water connection situated within one metre of the appliances location and to a suitable existing 13 amp socket within reach of the appliance's power lead. Included in the connection will be the disposal of the transit brackets and a test of the appliance.

The delivery team will be unable to connect your new appliance if:

  • The old machine is not disconnected.
  • Any electrical/plumbing supplies needed fail the delivery team's testing or are unsuitable.
  • Any water supply needed cannot be isolated or is unsuitable.
  • Any drainage/waste facilities needed are unusable.
  • Mechanical adjustments are required to the appliance(s) to overcome such things as water pressure etc.
  • Alterations to existing plumbing and electrical are required.
  • Some area's within the UK, we will be unable to offer a installtion service, please ask for details as it can vary from case to case.

All gas installations, connections and/or disconnections must be performed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. All mains wired electric cookers should only be connected by a qualified electrician or a suitably compitant person. We do not currently offer any installation, connection and/or disconnection service on gas or mains wired electrical products online but if purchasing within our stores we will be able to explain what can be done locally to our stores.

Can I change a delivery date I have already agreed to?

Yes you can. We do however ask that you notify us at least 3 working days before your agreed planned delivery date. If you do not give us enough time to change your delivery you may have a administration fee to pay, This is due to charges made by our third party contractors for failed deliveries. This fee vairys depending upon the contractors and you will be advised when we know, we would prefer not to do this so please be in when you have agreed the delivery. Any failed deliveries will be dealt with case by case but charges may apply.

Will you take away and recycle my old appliance for me?

Yes we will. This is an optional, chargeable service. You can request that our delivery team collect and recycle your old appliance, there is a £10 extra charge for this service. Collection of the Appliance to be recycled must be arranged at the point of order.

All goods for collection and recycling must be disconnected from all water, electrical and gas supply in advance of the goods being removed. Please ensure your old appliances are emptied and fully defrosted where applicable.

We do not currently offer any disconnection service on gas or mains wired electrical products. All gas disconnections must be performed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. All mains wired electric cookers should only be disconnected by a qualified electrician.

Goods collected for recycling are deemed to have zero value and cannot be returned. Once we have collected you old appliance you have passed all ownership right's to Genesis Home Appliances and we will conform with the WEEE regulations and dispose of it.

Unfortunately at the moment this service is only available to certain UK postcodes (Currently not available in Northern Ireland and the chanel Islands).

How do I know my appliances are in good condition?

All of our appliances are brand new and delivered packaged, straight from our warehouse. We recommend you unpack and check that you are happy with the appliance as soon as possible. This must be done within 24 hours of delivery as we cannot take responsibilty for damages after this time.  If you are not totally satisfied once you have unpacked the appliance please contact one of our team on 0190061767 or send an email to

When should I book my fitter?

We suggest you wait until your goods have been successfully delivered before you book a fitter.

Once I have my delivery

What do I do if I have a problem after my appliance has been delivered and connected?

We are here for you every step of the way, simply call our advice line on 01900 61767 and we will either resolve the problem for you over the telephone or we will organise for a manufacturer's engineer to visit. Or if you prefer please use the numbers below for the customer helplines for these manufacturers:

Hotpoint                              0844 8224224

Bosch                                 0870 2413381

Hoover                               0844 3712753

Smeg                                 0844 5579907

Rangemaster                      0870 7895107


What is the warranty offered on the products?

The warranty supplied with the goods is the standard manufacturer's warranty, in addition to your rights under the Sale of Goods Act. In most cases this is 1 year covering all parts and labour. In some instances this is extended by the manufacturer to 2, 5 and occasionally even 10 years. These extended warrantees along with the 1st year, requires you to register your product with the manufacturers, this must be done within the first 28 days. If you do not do this your warrantee may not be valid, we will try to help to resolve any issues but will not be held resposible if the manufacturer will not honour your extended warrantee.

Please register your products, we do want you to have a hassel free expierence.

We do offer extended warrantees that can be purchased to cover parts and labour for up to 5 years, please ask for details. You should also be aware warranties are available from other high street retailers, insurance companies and other providers,  we do offer very competitive rates and hope you use ours.

Please also note, unfortunately our warranties only cover domestic use; commercial sales will not be covered. Please advise us beofre the sale that you are using the products in a commercial enviorment as we cannot be held responsible for non dissclosure.

WEEE Directive

What is the new WEEE directive?

With effect from July 2007 the UK's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment WEEE Regulations require that all retailers both actively assist in delivering a UK wide WEEE collection infrastructure and encourage the participation of consumers in recycling electronic equipment. Producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment EEE will be required to finance the collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of EEE at its end of life.

How does this new directive affect me?

By taking part in this new directive you can expect that we will dispose of your old appliances in an environmentally friendly way. We will separate the Electrical and Electronic equipment from the normal waste that goes to landfill and send it to specific disposal centres that will treat it and dispose of it in an environmentally sound way.

What do I have to do?

If you wish for our delivery team to take away your old appliance they will do so on a like for like basis. You must however request this service at the point of ordering and ensure that all goods for removal and recycling have been disconnected from all water, electrical and gas supply in advance of the goods being removed.

How much will I have to pay?

Recycling is free, however we do charge £10 for collection and transportation.

What does the new directive mean for the retailer?

We take our role as a responsible retailer very seriously and we always strive to do what we can to help the environment. We actively encourage our customers to buy "Green".and are very keen to join the government and support the new WEEE Directive to help the UK become a greener place to live.

For those customers who have decided not to opt for our full recycling service we have contributed towards a fund which will help local councils to develop and improve their existing WEEE collection facilities. Not all council sites are able to collect all types of waste electrical goods. To find your nearest participating site and for advice on all aspects of recycling at home, please visit

Alternatively if you wish to return your appliance to us with no charge then this can be accepted at;


Genesis Home Appliances

Clayflatts Industrial Estate

Workington. CA14 2TQ


Monday to Sat   9.00 to 17.00

Proof of your delivery will be required and they can only accept like for like items to those that were delivered.

What does the new directive mean for the environment?

The development of this new directive will greatly help the environment. Instead of all the electrical and electronic equipment going to land fill it will be dealt with separately. The products will be treated and disposed of in an environmentally sound way, therefore reducing dramatically the amounts of Electrical and Electronic waste going to landfill.