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Electric Hobs

Electric hobs are fitted into the worktop and are available as Solid plate, Ceramic and Induction which means you can choose what best suits you and your budget. We have a wide range of models available in different styles, sizes and colours that will look stunning in your kitchen. Solid plate - The most basic electric hob available with a price to match. Solid plate hobs are uncomplicated, hard wearing and straight-forward to use making them an Ideal choice for cooks working to a budget. Ceramic - Ceramic hobs are easy to clean with a smooth glass surface which blends perfectly into all kitchens. They work by heating the glass top which transfers the heat to the pans and are controlled by touch control or control knobs as well as being available as framed or frameless. Induction - Induction technology uses magnetic fields to agitate the metal in the pan, turning your cookware into the heat source. This makes induction hobs just as responsive as gas but are far more efficient by only using the energy they need to heat the pans. They are safe to touch even during cooking and any spills can be wiped away immediately making cleaning quick and easy.
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